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Brendon Mc Kay

Plush International

Founder, Announcer & Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: Machel Montano, Bob Marley, Stone Love Movements & Shubazz of Inferno Asylum
Why: Because I was born into it!

Brendon's love for music started at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of music as a child. Born and raised in the diverse cultural mecca of Trinidad and Tobago combined with the cultural influence of Caribbean artists, Brendon was gifted with a unique musical base filled with selections from every genre of music. His initial start was with the Inferno Asylum crew in Gonzales Trinidad where he had a chance of honing his skills as a DJ.

Brendon took his love for music to the next level when he formed his own online radio station called ASYLUM RADIO LIVE which was based in Canada, 2010 that took the airwaves by storm.

He then experimented his taste by playing his chosen selections and mixed creations for anyone who would listen. He flourished his natural given talent for selecting and playing music by working as a DJ for events.

Again he continues to stretch his musical boundaries by introducing ASYLUM RADIO LIVE in the United States where he is currently based. By incorporating mainstream, EDM and dance into his playlist he provides his listeners with the best flavours. Brendon continues to bring music to another level not only from his diverse experience but by his professionalism, love and passion for the art. "PEACE LOVE UNITY STRENGTH HAPPINESS"

Metro Cambridge

Uptown Soundz

Announcer & Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: Little Thunder & Skyhawk (Montreal), Trooper and the great Squingy (R.I.P)
Why: Natural Talent.

Uptown Soundz started in the late 90's as a group of teenagers. In 2005 members moved on leaving alone, Mr. Metro to keep the sound alive. DJ Spranx joined Mr. Metro in 2015 and today Uptown Soundz is still alive.

Desmond Campbell

Black Rock Sound

Announcer & Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: Too many too mention.
Why: Because music conceived and gave birth to me.

Desmond "Black Rock" Campbell was born on a small island in the Caribbean called Jamaica, in the parish of Kingston in the town of Trench Town. The family migrated to the United States in the winter of '75. Music was always a central part of Desmond's life, whether it was waking up to soul music blaring on the radio on Saturday mornings, or putting on dance shows with his uncle Mikey and his older brothers, skanking to dancehall music. Some years later, Desmond made the acquaintance of a lifelong friend who seemed to have been born with two turntables and a mixer. He was one of the best DJ's Desmond ever met even now 25 years later. Over the years they played several sounds together: F.E.C Sound, Prince Champion, King Champion, and Black Mirror. Desmond eventually thought about building his own sound system and now it has come to fruition. Black Rock sound was created with the belief that if you build a strong foundation it will last a lifetime and beyond. Black Rock is here and ready to step out into the lights once again.

Calvin Simms

Block Redd Family

Announcer & Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: Dr. Hyde, Papa Rocky, Hitman Howie T.
Why: Coming Soon!

Calvin aka C.S.R live and born Trinidadian always had a love for music as a child. This rising star discovered his love for music when he use to pretend he was a DJ with his radio at home.

On approaching his teenage years he started attending parties to see and hear different DJ's play all genres of music. His appreciation for music fueled his desire to be a DJ one day. He got his first break when he met Reynold James aka House Q who taught him the basics in being a DJ. After refining his DJ skills he develop his own style of playing and mixing music, and in just a few years he showcased them in a number of clubs in Arima and Aruba.

Calvin returned to Trinidad from Aruba in 2008 where he met Henry Duncan aka Mk 13, Esther Lee Ahyen aka Lady Redd who also inspired him and he also gained more experience in the Deejaying and entertainment field. With this stimulation and motivation he decided to rename himself DJ Redd and formed the Block Redd family . He quickly gained notoriety and now he entertains the world with today's latest hits and classics.

Jove Gairy

DJ Sounds Good

Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: Starting from Scratch, Black Chiney, DJ Vibes, Stone Love
Why: Coming Soon!

J.V. Gairy aka Sounds Good has been following his passion for music since childhood. At age four, though he could barely reach the keys on the piano, it was discovered that he was in fact a musical child prodigy who could play anything from Chopin to Beethoven perfectly after hearing it only once. A trip to visit relatives in New York in 1985 swayed him from classical to more contemporary music and most importantly introduced him to turntablism. !

As a youngster, while other kids his age were sleeping, he was learning, staying up late listening to any DJ's he could find on the radio. Growing up, his radio dial was as schizophrenic as his musical tastes, from Modern Rock to Hip Hop to Soca, Reggae and more.

After teaching himself how to DJ and emulating his favorite DJ's, he became one himself and starting making mixtapes and performing while still in High School.

After being a part of several successful sound crews and collectives, he took his skills and became a favorite club and concert DJ in Toronto, playing alongside world famous DJ's like Starting from Scratch, DJ Vibes, Eric Ling, Black Chiney, Stone Love and Dr. Hyde. He has rocked crowds at home and internationally to much success and has also delved into internet radio as a way to connect with his fanbase.

J.V. continues to create and challenge himself as he works his way to his ultimate goal after being a child prodigy to a fully rounded man of music.

James Wingert

DJ Floorlayer

Announcer & Disc Jockey

Musical Influences: The Beatles, Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Crystal Method, Nirvana, Moist, GNR, Tool, Rush, CCR, Eagles, Travlin Wilburys, Bob Marley, Sublime, Easy E, NWA, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, MC Hammer, Rick James, Talking Heads, James Brown, The Doors, and so many more...
Why: Because my love for music only grows

DJ Floorlayer grew up on Vancouver Island and first starting DJing at a friend's house around age sixteen. From the minute he first touched the turntable he was hooked. He found himself skipping classes and having a hard time thinking of anything other than mixing. Every bit of money he could earn went towards his record collection. In time he started playing small local events as well as any house party he could drop a record at.

After finishing school DJ Floorlayer moved to Edmonton and immediately started DJing for one of the busiest bars in the city. For the past five years Floorlayer has been playing at the largest events held in Edmonton and has had the pleasure of sharing stages with legends like Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Doorn, BT, Marco V, Gareth Emery and many more.

Floorlayer plays all types of House music from Funky to Disco, Electro to Progressive. He is also one half of the Dumb Punks, a DJ group consisting of himself and friend DJ Krispy.

Stay tuned for a lot more to come from this DJ.

Reeshma Harripersad

Editor/Broadcast Operations

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Brinsley Mc Kay

Uncle Ben


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